This is the first experience with kiteboarding, an introduction to 'the real thing'. Made in a purely entertaining way - just the fun stuff ;) necessary to give you feeling of being o kiteboarder. If you are not quite sure if kiteboarding is really for you, this is going to be relevant.

All exercises will be done in the waist deep water/lagoon. Relevant parts in the kite control theory will be covered as well as basic safety procedure. You will learn how to steer the kite, how to bodydrag (use the power of the kite to drag you around in the water) and some rounds of 'water start' (starting on the board) will finish off the lesson.

It is a 3.5-hour course for shared lessons at 180 US$ ppers.
It is a 2-hour    course for private lessons at 180 US$.

Rates include : Tutoring / equipment / equipment insurance.