KiteXplorer is a company founded by the international kite team rider Rodolphe MacKeene.

While travelling in order to promote the sport and his sponsors, Rodolphe discovered Caye Caulker island in Belize, where he found the perfect playground to start his first kite club. Some years latter he opened the second one in San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye island, also in Belize..

KiteXplorer Caye Caulker has now 2 more partners and directors to run the activity, Philip Baudu one of the Belgium kitesurf pioneer, and Jakub Kalinowski - one of the biggest Polish kitesurfing enthusiasts and former movie stuntman.
KiteXplorer its also a branch specialized into kite-cruises; get the chance to have a international pro rider coaching you for a week aboard luxury boats over some of the most exotic waters around the globe. 
Starting from season 2015/16 a new Kitexplorer club will be offering very high end services on the an exclusive destination.

Follow Kitexplorer’s team rider Rodolphe MacKeene and friends on his trip to Mauritius Island for the new episode of Kiting Colors. Video just below